Letter from District Superintendent Rich Lang

December 31, 2017

To the Saints at Bothell United Methodist Church,

I write with the anxious news that your pastor, Rev. D.J. del Rosario, will be on medical leave through March. We ask you to join us in continual prayer and care for your pastor. We ask that you allow him this time away, sending him cards of support and encouragement, but leaving off all items related to the church. His focus is on healing, a time-out from other responsibilities.

In the meantime, Rev. Joe Kim will step up as interim lead pastor guiding you through these next few months. Bishop Stanovsky, in consultation with her Cabinet, is appointing retired pastor Rev. Dave Orndorff to assist Rev. Kim in a part time capacity January 1, 2018 through March 2018. We ask for your prayers, support and encouragement for your pastoral staff as they serve in these new capacities.

You are a strong, vital and capable congregation full of wise elders, mature leaders and focused ministries. We have every confidence that these troubled waters will calm and pass. Remember that you are not alone. The strength of our connectional partnership goes with you through these waters. Together we place our trust in the God of Jesus Christ knowing that God always makes a way for us --- let us discern how and where to follow.

May the Peace of Christ guide our hearts, our actions and attitudes,

Rev. Rich Lang
Seattle District Superintendent