Church Resources

The following documents are resources available to the church. PDF documents require adobe reader to view.

2016 Endowment Fund Grant Applications
2016 Endowment Application Form
2016 Endowment Instruction Letter
Applications for grants from the permanent Endowment Fund. Application period is February 15 through March 31, 2016.

Download them here and here.
Bothell UMC Scholarship Applications
Bothell UMC Scholarship Application Form
Please fill out and submit the Bothell UMC Church Scholarship Awards form by March 15, 2016. They must be received in the church office on or before this date!

Download it here.
Ministry and Program Area Descriptions
Bothell UMC Ministry and Program Area Descriptions
A resource for all who are interested in finding out about the ministry and program areas on-going at Bothell UMC.

Download it here.
Reports and Minutes
Bothell UMC Charge Conference Minutes - November 2016
Church Council Minutes - November 2016
Church Council 2.0 Ministry Team Report - November 2015
This document contains communications resources and guidelines to be used by the various groups and staff at Bothell UMC. The goal is to have a more cohesive communications strategy at the church and have high quality / consistent communications from the various groups in the church to both internal church members and the external community.

Areas include:
  • writing/style guidelines
  • communications templates/clip art
  • how to submit content for the witness / e-news
  • bulletin boards
  • content review / auditing best practices
  • communications tools
  • where to get help if you need it
Download it here.

Bothell UMC Writing Guidelines
The purpose of Writing Guidelines is to provide professionalism, clarity and consistency to Bothell United Methodist Church’s publications and printed materials. The guidelines should be followed unless there is a specific reason for deviation.

Areas include:
  • church and ministry names
  • abbreviations
  • capitalization / punctuation
  • style
  • terms
Download it here.

This document is a resource for leaders of ministry, program areas, and small groups at Bothell United Methodist Church (UMC). The guidelines and other information in this document cover a wide variety of topics which include what it means to lead a ministry or small group at Bothell UMC, the logistics of leading (sometimes referred to as “nuts and bolts”), guidelines on how to run a meeting, recruiting members to the group, dealing with challenges of leadership, and other helpful resources.

Download it here.

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